Greenslade on blogs

Roy Greenslade writes in his blog today about the consequences of blogging for journalism, saying that he is coming round to the view that blogging will be the end of the traditional news media, rather than merely an adjunct to it. I wish I could be as confident as he seems to be that the […]

Credulous Bayesians

An HIER paper by Glaeser and Sunstein suggests that people are Credulous Bayesians, who insufficiently adjust for idiosyncratic features of particular environments and put excessive weight on the statements of others where there are 1) common sources of information; 2) highly unrepresentative group membership; 3) statements that are made to obtain approval; and 4) statements […]

Flat Earth News

An interesting new book is out, called Flat Earth News. It accuses journalists of sloppy research and poor fact-checking – essentially, of letting down the entire purpose of their profession. These are obviously serious allegations, for all the cynicism about journalism makes them seem everyday. They are all the more serious because they are based […]