What about medium-sized?

In 2006, before the financial crisis and the resultant fiscal collapse, the last Government published a Local Government White Paper, Strong and Prosperous Communities. This is to some degree the ur-text of localism. It also points to some of the financial and administrative challenges that have confronted councils, with increasing intensity, ever since. The White […]

Mutual trading standards

Mutuals are a popular concept at the moment – and a new report (pdf) from Consumer Focus suggests Lambeth’s “John Lewis” council might be accompanied by “John Lewis” trading standards inspections. The paper by Paul Connolly (a former colleague from the 2005 Hampton Review of regulation) proposes a mutual model for trading standards (and eventually […]

The Busy Enough Already Society

Mutuals? Nein Danke. Image via Wikipedia A little example of the reaction to Big Society mutualisation proposals (at least when they come from public service agencies), from my local paper The Argus. It concerns a local nursery for the kids of council workers, threatened with closure after withdrawal of subsidy (disclosure: one of my children […]