The Open Office: a drop-in centre for neighbourhood planning

Here’s a great idea reported in the Guardian. The physicality of local planning makes local workshops easy to arrange – could you have a central Government policy equivalent? A new project at London’s Architecture Foundation, masterminded by young architecture practice We Made That, aims to tackle this problem and put the workings of localism on […]

Power-sharing in Place-making

This post is by Nick Wright, and originally appeared on his blog, People, Place and Planning. Over the last five years, co-production and collaboration have become popular – the concepts of people and organisations working together to make better places, with a focus on action. For some examples, look through the case studies in the excellent Compendium […]

Is this Dalston?

I’ve talked to a few people about Euan Mills‘ excellent little project to find the place people describe as “Dalston” (a suburb of North London), but have never been able to find the link to it. So, thanks Strange Maps blog, who have posted about it with the original place-name graph – obtained by stopping every […]

Brighton, Hove and First Past the Post

We were following the elections in our home city of Brighton over on our new Twitter account @DemsocBTN, which we’ll be using for our local activities alongside the main @Demsoc feed. As you might have read in the papers, the Green Party won the most seats, and are likely to form a minority cabinet. The […]