Have people in Northern Ireland given up on democracy?

What do people in Northern Ireland think of democracy? Have they become downheartened, disappointed, disillusioned? If the crowds that came for Democracy Day in Belfast last month are anything to go by, it’s clear there’s a lot of enthusiasm and energy for democracy – and plenty of ideas for how to fix it!   Coincidentally meeting as […]

Thinking about the Gather space after Sunderland

Thanks again to the people of South Hylton for an excellent workshop on NHS Citizen on Thursday. The most important part for me was the discussion about the Gather layer, which expanded the list of our tricky questions (in case you’re wondering, that’s a good thing). The main points that I took away are: National/local: […]

From hierarchy to networks, can we write a road map?

Catherine Howe’s blogpost Networks, Change and Culture sparked some discussion on Twitter. Michael Coughlin, Executive Director at the Local Government Association, asked: “How [can we] manage the simple, purposefulness of ‘command structures’ giving way to complexity of networks?” It’s an interesting and relevant question for the discussion we’re about to start here on the skills […]

Networks and open policymaking: an event

My friend and fellow idea explorer Alberto Cottica is interested in understanding how policymaking and networks work together. He’s running an event in Venice in January to explore how a greater understanding of networks and the dynamics of network effects can be used to make better policy. He says: Policy makers are constantly, in a […]

Lunchtime list for June 2nd

Here are the articles and web pages the Talk Issues team recommend today: Affluent communities cast wider social net – Research from Cornell University shows affluent communities tend to have residents who interact with a diverse group of people while people living in less-advantaged communities only talk within their own neighborhoods. THE REALITIES AND RELEVANCE […]