Crushing innovation: a little story from Texas

Here’s an interesting story, from Wired, on how hard it is for social innovation ideas to embed themselves in big public services. Note how the friendly local arrangement that was slightly outside the rules was slapped down by the bureaucracy, and the innovator had to come up with a much more intensive and laborious work-around. […]

Skin in the game

Interesting little Gallup poll today (a year out from the 2014 EU Parliament elections) showing that: Lots of Europeans aren’t happy with the direction the EU is going in, and Other than the Brits, they want to stay in the EU. Which leads to the inevitable conclusion that they should get involved in the European Parliament […]

More immigrants than for 900 years? (Is @willhutton misquoting @david_goodhart?)

I’m not sure whether there is some misunderstanding here, but this is a startling line in Will Hutton’s Observer article on immigration: David Goodhart is alarmed by the sheer scale of recent immigration. In his recent book The British Dream, Goodhart writes that since 2004 half a million non-British people have arrived each year in […]

Friday afternoon reading: March 1, 2013

When does the British Constitution require a Referendum? – Vernon Bogdanor Open Data Engagement | Exploring the engagement dimensions of open data Crowdsourced Urbanism In Helsinki: The Rise Of Facebook Democracy? — The Pop-Up City Political failure modes and the beige dictatorship – Charlie's Diary On post-democracy < good discussion from a few days ago […]