No confidence in 55 percent

Image via Wikipedia The Government’s self-interested plan to gut the traditional motion of no confidence might gain the status of memorable first flap of the new administration – with a constitutional principle in the role of Bernie Ecclestone. The proposal, linked to that for fixed-term parliaments, is that votes of no confidence should no longer […]

It’s a very different election in Scotland

David Cameron didn’t win last night’s final TV debate for Scottish viewers. In fact if Nick Clegg had announced a new compulsory programme of bestiality in primary schools and Gordon Brown had broken down in tears and lay in the corner shaking the consensus of opinion at workplace coffee machines this morning would be “But […]

Immigration: one lie each

The immigration issue is sure to make an appearance at tonight’s debate, which will be liveblogged here by Arun Marsh, and also tweeted (from @demsoc) by the same august personage. One of the least appealing parts of the immigration “debate”, at least as it’s handled in Britain, is that it’s based on two fundamental lies. […]

We need an informed discussion on our voting system

Whatever the outcome on 6th May it looks like electoral reform will be a major issue in the next few years. In fact there’s only one outcome – a working Conservative majority – under which it’s not immediately on the table and if the Liberals increase their vote significantly anyway it’s hard to see how […]

Kill Klegg: the roundup

Image by lewishamdreamer via Flickr The weekend polls are in, and it looks like Thursday’s ferocious attack on Nick Clegg hasn’t shifted the Liberal Democrats‘ high polling significantly. The sudden shift from attacking the Government to attacking a hitherto-ignored party has not gone unnoticed. Here’s Kevin Marsh, executive editor of the BBC College of Journalism, […]

REVEALED: Media agree, it’s not about issues, it’s #nickcleggsfault

Showing the maturity that they are famous for, the press has launched a full-scale assault on Nick Clegg. It’s largely not about the issues but a range or other things including doing a bit of investigative journalism discovering Google can find them things they think will embarrass the Lib Dem leader. The Daily Mail accuse […]

Liberal Conspiracy: Handing immigration to the right

The Daily Mail asked if Nick Clegg was British enough: Image via Wikipedia Adam Ramsay has a good analysis on Liberal Conspiracy of how the right has hijacked immigration and some suggestions on how Labour can change the narrative. Adam has been canvassing council estates for the past two weeks and when he asks voters […]

Was die Mode streng geteilt

With the talk of progressive coalitions in the air, what could be a more appropriate tune to hum than Beethoven’s setting of the Ode to Joy? Deine Zauber binden wieder, was die Mode streng geteilt Your charms will reunite those whom harsh habit has long divided. Doubly so because that tune is the European Anthem, and […]