The new policy experiments

Alberto Cottica has a great blogpost on the flourishing of small innovations – and how, taken together, they are the innovation ground of policymaking. Here’s an extract but read the whole thing: I have become convinced that hackers, activists, DIYers are a real force for development – perhaps the only fresh resource we could conceivably […]

Open Policy event with the Finnish Institute

On 28 June, the Open Data Institute, the Democratic Society, the Finnish Embassy and the Finnish Institute will host a talk and roundtable discussion on the latest developments in open policy and participation in Finland.    The event will run from 1-5 pm, with a talk and Q&A at 1.00, and roundtable discussion from 2.00 to […]

Here today, gone tomorrow?

Regular readers of this blog probably need little convincing about the importance of open policymaking and better consultation. This blog is itself a great example of learning-by-doing. And the resources being developed – in particular the frameworks for ideal policy team behaviours and the fledgling matrix should provide a practical toolkit for teams wanting to […]

Citizen engagement as an act of leadership

Open Policy making is one of the Government’s big ideas. The Public Administration Select Committee completed an inquiry into it last year, and has now just released its report. This post gives an initial reaction to this. This morning the Public Administration Select Committee released its eagerly (well by me anyway) report (PDF document) following its inquiry into […]

Whatever happened to open government and open policy? A scorecard

After being elected Prime Minister in 2010 David Cameron committed the UK to having “the most open and transparent government in the world.” Alongside this, the Government’s civil service reform plan published last year promised to “make open policymaking the default”, recognising that Whitehall itself does not have a monopoly on expertise. Here’s a brief – inevitably partial […]