Building an open government movement – why it matters for public participation

This post originally appeared on Involve’s blog. A presentation I gave to Involve’s board of trustees last week prompted me to collect together these thoughts on why I think open government matters to public participation, and the opportunity and challenge of building an open government movement. Why open government matters to public participation Starting at the […]

Digital policy tools – come on Britain!

On June 17/8, we are co-hosting a conference in Dublin on Policymaking 2.0, where we’ll be highlighting great digital tools for policy making. Part of the event is a competition for the best digital policy tools – which has already attracted two dozen entries from around the continent. However, there is not yet a single […]

Whatever happened to open policy?

The Government’s civil service reform plan published last year promised to “make open policymaking the default”, recognising that Whitehall itself does not have a monopoly on expertise. The commitments set out in the plan included: – commissioning policy development from outside organisations such as think tanks; – crowdsourcing questions to shape the definition of the problem (not just […]

Conference on improving public policy using technology – Dublin, June

This post is by Anthony, Giulio Quaggiotto of the UNDP and David Osimo of the Crossover project. Join them and other policymaking 2.0 experts in Dublin on 17 and 18 June This June, policymakers and techies from around Europe will come together in Dublin to discuss how technology can be used to improve the policymaking process. The challenge Information and […]

Civil society participation in drafting the UK National Action Plan – has it been worth it?

From the Open Government Partnership blog – reinforcing the need to spread the word about open policymaking. Perhaps the greatest frustration has been the limited involvement across Whitehall as the open policy making process hasn’t penetrated all areas of government. This has meant that some commitments in the draft plan are vague and not as […]

DCLG Science Day – the record (from @richardharries)

I was really sorry to miss the DCLG Science Day (thwarted by a broken washing machine…) but I don’t feel so bad now that Richard Harries has published a Dropbox link containing all the materials and tweets from the day. It’s a great way of recording the output of an event and making it open.

Building the Matrix: Is this the kind of thing you had in mind?

We’re planning to release a beta version of the Matrix early next month, so we really need your feedback on aspects of its functionality. Regular readers of this blog know that when the Matrix is mentioned here it’s not a reference to the film (even though the first in the trilogy was a brilliant breakthrough […]

Ideal Open Policy Team Behaviours: The results are in!

Well, they’ve been in for a while. Back in February, we asked policymakers, and others with an interest in policy making, to vote for the top ten behaviours that policy teams should adopt in order to make open policymaking a reality. About 80 people responded; while this is not a representative sample I do think […]