DCLG Science Day – the record (from @richardharries)

I was really sorry to miss the DCLG Science Day (thwarted by a broken washing machine…) but I don’t feel so bad now that Richard Harries has published a Dropbox link containing all the materials and tweets from the day. It’s a great way of recording the output of an event and making it open.

Open policy and an overarching narrative on open government

There’s a conversation going on right now (that due to other commitments I can’t be part of) about a narrative around open government – why it’s important and what we should do. This blog post from Graham Gordon at Tearfund mentions Open Policymaking. Open government is only possible when there is government commitment and capacity […]

Will the Government rethink its approach to consultation?

This project led by the Democratic Society on open policy making has been focusing on how to improve the mechanisms we use for consultation. While it might not have made (m)any headlines, a recent House of Lords report strongly challenged the Government’s new guidance on consultations and has confirmed the concerns of many organisations which have been following these developments closely. […]

Open policy is a challenge to government consultations – and an opportunity

More than 40 years ago the American sociologist Sherry Arnstein developed the ‘ladder of participation’ to represent the degree of involvement by citizens in decision-making. Arnstein’s levels range from ‘non-participation’ at the bottom of the ladder – at worse, the manipulation of citizens – to ‘citizen power’ and true citizen control at the top. One of the challenges […]