Power-sharing in Place-making

This post is by Nick Wright, and originally appeared on his blog, People, Place and Planning. Over the last five years, co-production and collaboration have become popular – the concepts of people and organisations working together to make better places, with a focus on action. For some examples, look through the case studies in the excellent Compendium […]

Don’t hang up

Random thought, provoked by an excellent blogpost on public engagement in planning in Scotland.  One possible way to describe the engagement shift that we want to see : a change from a world of posting letters (intermittent, formal, information-heavy) to posting on social media (constant, personal, each message information-light but builds up richer information over time).

Communities and majorities

Zoe Williams has written a Guardian piece about a power imbalance between rich supermarkets and community groups opposed to them opening up. There’s nothing particularly new in it – Tesco bad, Licensing Act, powerless councils, etc. – but one line struck me. In answer to the rhetorical challenge “well, if people don’t want Tesco, they […]