The Matrix Reloaded: Building the database

In an earlier post I talked about the six outcomes that policy makers are working towards when engaging on or discussing policy with the public. In this post, I’d like to: explore the best way to map successful (or otherwise useful) case studies detailing consultation or digital engagement exercises to these six outcomes. explore the best […]

What is GDS doing about… online consultation tools?

Now that the launch of GOV.UK is imminent, lots of departments around government have been asking how we’re planning to support access to consultations. We realised that while we’ve been thinking very hard about it, we’ve not been telling you properly. So, here goes: We are not going to build a new platform for consultations. […]

“At home” or in the pub?

I spoke at a Whitehall seminar yesterday, organised by Friday and the Government Communications Network, alongside Ade. We heard some great examples of work on consulting online, and how Departments are trying different approaches – hopefully we’ll be able to share the slides in the next couple of days. One of the things that struck me […]