Poland – EU Parliamentary Elections

Political Background Poland joined the EU in 2004, as part of the ten country expansion of that year. Poland was historically one of Europe’s greatest states, the dominant component of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth which was Europe’s largest country at one point and one of its most progressive, with a system of checks and balances which […]

Europa Plus Social Movement (E+TR)

Europa Plus Social Movement (E+TR). Europa Plus is a coalition of minor centre-left parties led by ‘Your Movement’, formerly known as Palikot’s Movement. As its original name suggests, Your Movement was founded around Janusz Palikot, a former member of the Civic Platform known for his maverick viewpoints, harsh criticism of his fellow politicians and his […]

Congress of the New Right (KNP)

Congress of the New Right (KNP). The KNP is the latest vehicle of Polish political commentator and perennial candidate in Polish elections, Janusz Korwin-Mikke, who has libertarian conservative views broadly comparable with those of the internet’s favourite Republican, Ron Paul. The party desires constitutional amendments to force permanently balanced budgets, an end to redistribution of […]

Polish People’s Party (PSL)

Polish People’s Party (PSL – an alternative translation of the party might be ‘Polish Peasants’ Party’). The PSL’s name is inspired by several historical parties of the same name. The PSL is officially an agrarian centrist and Christian democratic party. In reality, however, it is a pretty vague beast which simply makes itself ready for […]

Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) & Labour Union (UP)

Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) & Labour Union (UP). The SLD is the successor of the former Polish Communist Party. A major party in 1990s Poland, the party served as a junior coalition partner to the PSL in 1993, even though it was technically larger, and then ruled from 1997 to 2001. Its second term in […]

Law and Justice (PiS)

Law and Justice (PiS). Like Civic Platform, PiS emerged from the former Solidarity Electoral Action government. PiS was formed predominantly around the former Centre Agreement party. Like Centre Agreement, the PiS was led by identical twins, the Lech and Jaroslaw Kaczynski. PiS is one of the most socially conservative mainstream political parties in Europe. It […]

Civic Platform (PO)

Civic Platform (PO). Civic Platform is Poland’s current ruling party, and the first Polish ruling party to enjoy two successive terms in power. PO is a liberal-conservative party that emerged from Solidarity Electoral Action, a vast coalition of centre-right parties which ruled Poland in the late 1990s. Broadly, PO represented the more pro-market elements in […]

Lunchtime list for May 31st

Here are the articles and web pages the Talk Issues team recommend today: Peak State and The Valley of Nobody Knows – Adil Abrar from Sidekick Studios has joined the blogging team at The Big Society, and his first post is an interesting meditation on the similarities between energy policy and Big Society: both have […]