The new policy experiments

Alberto Cottica has a great blogpost on the flourishing of small innovations – and how, taken together, they are the innovation ground of policymaking. Here’s an extract but read the whole thing: I have become convinced that hackers, activists, DIYers are a real force for development – perhaps the only fresh resource we could conceivably […]

Open Policy event with the Finnish Institute

On 28 June, the Open Data Institute, the Democratic Society, the Finnish Embassy and the Finnish Institute will host a talk and roundtable discussion on the latest developments in open policy and participation in Finland.    The event will run from 1-5 pm, with a talk and Q&A at 1.00, and roundtable discussion from 2.00 to […]

Engaging with academics: new GOS report

The Government Office for Science have just published a new report on improving open policymaking by engaging with academics. On a quick skim, it looks a good read. Scribd version below or download the PDF from BIS.   Government Office for Science report: Engaging with Academics by

Through Users’ Eyes

Last week GDS met with colleagues from Department for Transport (DfT) and two of its agencies to talk about their – and their users’ – needs of a consultation platform. As we often get requests from departments for advice on picking user platforms or running engagement exercises, we thought it’d be useful to share with […]

Engagement isn’t just for Christmas

It feels like many public sector organisations are making some headway in adopting a digital approach to open policy making. You can find examples on this blog and elsewhere, in which clever platforms and dashboards have helped policy teams to listen to relevant web conversations and get their target audiences to respond to consultations more […]

Throwing off the cloak of anonymity

It’s a rainy Friday evening and I’m waiting for a train. I absent-mindedly take out my phone to check Twitter. My heart stops. I’m reading about myself. A blog has been published that talks about me, hints at a conspiracy and suggests I’m behaving pretty poorly. What followed was unpleasant, with tweets and blog comments […]

What I learnt at the Open and Collaborative policy making course

I recently attended a great course run by Civil Service Learning. The course covered new ways of thinking about policy development and was attended by colleagues from across government. As usual on courses, I learnt as much from the conversations as I did from the course content. In the days since, I’ve been mulling over […]

What does digital policy making look like?

Using digital to deliver open policy making has often meant shoehorning traditional consultations into a web portal, that allows participants to respond online. Very often the consultation might not leave scope for participants to answer the questions not asked, or challenge established thinking about a particular issue. You might be asked how you would like […]