Media regulation: discussion event report

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been publishing a series of posts from contributors on the topic of media regulation and democracy. On 25 April, the contributors and others gathered at the RSA to discuss their pieces and the issues that were raised, and this is a rough record of the discussion. These are multiple […]

Media regulation: Carnegie recommends voluntary regulator

Carnegie UK have published Blair Jenkins’ report on Better Journalism in the Digital Age (report, summary pdfs). The report calls for a voluntary regulation regime, with strong incentives for joining, such as easier press accreditation or possibly labelling schemes. A new code of conduct would be at the heart of the regulatory regime. Jenkins also […]

Media regulation. December roundtable. Personal view

In December I had the pleasure of chairing a Democratic Society debate on media regulation. Contributors were Kevin Anderson, Kathryn Corrick, Douglas White, and Anthony Zacharzewski. This is part of a series of events, including future discussions, blogs and online debates, supported by the Carnegie Trust. Over the next couple of months, contributors will consider as […]