Change at the Council: Independent Review of Governance for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Today, The Democratic Society (Demsoc) and the Centre for Public Scrutiny (CfPS) published a report titled Change at the Council: Independent Review of Governance for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Funded by the Local Government Association (LGA), this report is the result of months of research conducted by talking to residents, councillors, council […]

How do we take back control?

  Digital democracy & democratic deficit in the EU The Democratic Society are working on a project to find out how people would like to communicate ideas directly to the institutions of the European Union. It’s about citizens feeding in to policy-making and having a say more than just once every five years in the European […]

Let the right data in (project report)

This post by Tom Smith of OCSI talks about a recent joint project, funded by the Technology Strategy Board and delivered with Demsoc, Public-i and Latest TV. It first appeared on the OCSI blog. Our work at OCSI can pretty much be summed up as “good evidence presented in the right way means more informed discussions […]

The Enabling State – a new Carnegie Trust project

This is a new project just starting at the Carnegie Trust, based in Scotland (but with a UK remit). A lot of relevance to “open policy delivery” – and some to open policymaking too. In the context of global financial shocks, ageing populations and climate change, many feel that it is the time to look […]

Getting started with Open Policy Making

The Civil Service Reform White Paper published the other week contained a commitment to Open Policy Making. It said: Open policy making will become the default. Whitehall does not have a monopoly on policy making expertise. We will establish a clear model of open policy making. As those with any experience of open government know, […]

Measuring and scaling online conversations

I’ve been conversing about conversations with Alberto Cottica, Gaia Marcus at the RSA and Ben Vickers. Based on his analysis of the Edgeryders online discussions, Alberto has a blog post (How online conversations scale, and why this matters for public policies) well worth reading, talking about how we can make online conversations more productive by finding […]

Our newest publication: Media Regulation and Democracy

I’m delighted to be able to announce the publication of our new report Media Regulation & Democracy, a collection of thinkpieces on that topic that we have produced with the kind support of the Carnegie UK Trust, and which can now be downloaded as a PDF (and will be up on Scribd shortly). Since the […]

Media regulation: discussion event report

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been publishing a series of posts from contributors on the topic of media regulation and democracy. On 25 April, the contributors and others gathered at the RSA to discuss their pieces and the issues that were raised, and this is a rough record of the discussion. These are multiple […]