How effective is the Open Government Partnership? Should the EU get involved?

The OGP is a partnership between national governments and the wider public, working together to develop ways of increasing public participation in government and make government more transparent and accountable. The UK has been involved since 2011, and many other countries in Europe and around the world are too.   So, if this partnership is […]

Romania – EU Parliamentary Elections

Political Background Romania joined the EU in 2007, along with Bulgaria. It had initially been slated to join in 2004, but its admission was delayed due to doubts about the integrity of its political and economic system. Communist Romania was governed by the leadership of Nicolae Ceausescu. Ceausescu ran a particularly repressive regime with one […]

People’s Party – Dan Diaconescu (PP-DD)

People’s Party – Dan Diaconescu (PP-DD). As its name suggests, the PP-DD is the creation of Dan Diaconescu, a journalist and TV presenter who founded the TV channel OTV. The PP-DD has an unclear ideology based around populist views on the political system, combined with broadly leftist and nationalist instincts. The party supports higher retirement […]

Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR)

Democratic Union of Hungarians in Romania (UDMR). The UDMR is the primary representative of Romania’s sizeable Hungarian minority (around 6.5% of the population). Technically the UDMR is an alliance of multiple Hungarian forces, but in reality it is predominantly dominated by the liberal-conservative faction. Nonetheless, the party’s primary issue is protecting the Hungarian minority and […]

National Liberal Party (PNL)

National Liberal Party (PNL). The National Liberal Party claims to be the heir of one of Romania’s two major inter-war parties. The pre-war PNL had predominantly represented Romania’s urban elite and been one of Romania’s two largest parties. The PNL was one of the first parties to be registered after the fall of the Ceausescu […]

Social Democratic Party (PSD) & Conservative Party (PC)

Social Democratic Party (PSD) & Conservative Party (PC). The PSD is Romania’s largest party. The heir of the Iliescu faction of the FSN (Iliescu is still the honorary president of the party) the PSD is perhaps the single most powerful centre-left party in all of Eastern Europe. Part of the PSD’s strength is in its […]