How to succeed at wiki-style policymaking

I had forgotten to mention that my session at Civil Service Live has been written upi in the Guardian: how to succeed at wiki-style policymaking. It’s not perhaps 100% on the money as headlines go, since I was talking about our paper In the Goldfish Bowl, which is primarily about science, but the write-up is good. Extract: […]

Engaging with academics: new GOS report

The Government Office for Science have just published a new report on improving open policymaking by engaging with academics. On a quick skim, it looks a good read. Scribd version below or download the PDF from BIS.   Government Office for Science report: Engaging with Academics by

The role of Scientists, Experts & Academia in Open Policymaking

A lot of the discussion around open policymaking has tended to focus on engaging with new stakeholders i.e. those who have not traditionally participated in the policymaking process. But what impact might open policymaking have on the way policymakers have tended to engage with scientists, academia and other expert groups? Also, what role might these […]

Consultation principles and open policy making: a view from Sciencewise

This post originally appeared on the Sciencewise Expert Resource Centre. The Government has recently launched a new set of Consultation Principles, which replaces the Code of Practice on Consultation from July 2008. Consultation is, of course, quite distinct from public dialogue. While the former typically engages people late in the policy-making process on often relatively technical […]

Our newest publication: Media Regulation and Democracy

I’m delighted to be able to announce the publication of our new report Media Regulation & Democracy, a collection of thinkpieces on that topic that we have produced with the kind support of the Carnegie UK Trust, and which can now be downloaded as a PDF (and will be up on Scribd shortly). Since the […]