Slovakia – EU Parliamentary Elections

Political Background Slovakia joined the EU as part of the large expansion of 2004. It joined the Eurozone in 2009, officially becoming the last country to join the Euro before the Eurozone crisis. Formerly part of Czechoslovakia, Slovakia was more rural, and less developed part of the former country. After the fall of Communism, Slovakia […]

Ordinary People and Independent Personalities (OL’aNO)

Ordinary People and Independent Personalities (OL’aNO). Ordinary People is now the second largest party in the opposition. The party claims not to be a party, as such, but rather a movement of independent experts, and the party values independently minded MPs. The party was originally aligned with Freedom and Solidarity and won 4 MPs on […]

Freedom and Solidarity (SaS)

Freedom and Solidarity (SaS). SaS is a right-wing liberal party, created by Richard Sulik, a former businessman and advisor to the Slovak minister of finance. The SaS is pretty much a libertarian party, holding extremely pro-market and liberal views on the economy but also very liberal views on social issues, backing liberal drug laws, and […]

Slovak National Party (SNS)

Slovak National Party (SNS). The SNS is a controversial far-right party. The party claims to be a socialist and nationalist party with an ideology based on European Christian values. However it is generally described as ultra-nationalist and right-wing extremist. It has been described by the Party of European Socialists as a party which “incites or […]

People’s Party – Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (LS-HZDS)

People’s Party – Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (LS-HZDS). Originally known simply as the Movement for a Democratic Slovakia (‘People’s Party’ was added as part of an attempt to become more palatable both domestically and abroad) the HZDS was originally Slovakia’s dominant party, and the party of long-running strongman Vladimir Meciar. Meciar ran Slovakia as […]

Christian Democratic Movement (KDH)

Christian Democratic Movement (KDH). The KDH was originally Slovakia’s largest centre-right party and a key component in the opposition to the Meciar regime. The party led the Slovak Democratic Coalition to victory in 1998 but its leader, the new premier Mikulas Dzurinda, created the SDKU-DS. With the subsequent fall from grace of the SDKU-DS in […]

Party of the Hungarian Community (SMK)

Party of the Hungarian Community (SMK). Formerly known as the Party of the Hungarian Coalition, the SMK has historically tended to be the dominant party amongst Slovakia’s Hungarian community. The party tends to prioritise, as its name suggests, the needs of ethnic Hungarians first and foremost and otherwise has a fairly liberal-conservative ideology. The party […]