Democratic and Christian Union – Democratic Party (SDKU-KS)

Democratic and Christian Union – Democratic Party (SDKU-KS). The SDKU-DS has historically tended to be the largest of Slovakia’s centre-right parties. Created from the Slovak Democratic Coalition in 1998 it ruled until 2006 despite being the second largest party in parliament behind Vladimir Meciar’s Movement for a Democratic Slovakia. The SDKU-DS is a fairly typical […]

Direction – Social Democracy (Smer-SD)

Direction – Social Democracy (Smer-SD). Smer is currently Slovakia’s dominant party, controlling a majority of seats in the national parliament. A left-populist party, Smer emerged from a split in the Party of the Democratic Left (PDL), the successor of Slovak’s branch of the Czechoslovak communists. The PDL had been in a controversial anti-Meciar coalition with […]