Slovenia – EU Parliamentary Elections

Political Background Slovenia joined the EU in 2004, and became the first country to join the Euro after its initial launch. Slovenia can trace its democratic routes to the seventh century when local farmers would elect their own Dukes. Formerly part of Yugoslavia, Slovenia had been the most productive Yugoslav Republic. Despite representing less than […]

United Left (ZL)

United Left (ZL). United Left is an alliance of three minor left-wing parties opposed to austerity which has recently formed. The party is democratic socialist in orientation and was partially formed to back Greek Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras’ bid to become President of the European Commission. The party closely identifies itself with the anti-austerity protesters. […]

Positive Slovenia (PS)

Positive Slovenia (PS). PS was formed in 2011 by Zoran Jankovic, a millionaire businessman (he predominantly made his money in retail), who became mayor of the Slovene capital, Ljubljana, in 2006. Jankovic had been a controversial mayor. Popular for his major building programmes he was nevertheless accused of abusing his powers for corrupt purposes (allegedly […]

List Verjamem (LV)

List Verjamem (LV, literal translation: ‘List “I believe”’). List Verjamem is a new party founded by Igorja Soltesa, the former head of the Slovene Court of Auditors. Getting information about Verjamem is exceedingly difficult. For one thing, the party currently lacks a website. Its only web presence appears to be a twitter feed with eight […]

Civic List (DL)

Civic List (DL). Civic List is one of two parties which were formed just before the 2011 election and subsequently performed well in that election. Civic List was formed by Gregor Virant, and was initially named ‘Gregor Virant’s Civic List’. Virant had served as a senior civil servant under both centre-left and centre-right governments. He […]

Slovenian National Party (SNS)

Slovenian National Party (SNS).  The SNS is Slovenia’s far-right and populist party. Like other far-right parties in former Communist Europe the party’s ideology is an odd combination of nationalism combined with sympathy for the former Yugoslavia (known in the Balkans as ‘Yugonostalgia’). The party’s leader, Zmago Jelincic Plemeniti served as an informant for the Yugoslav […]

Democratic Party of Pensioners (DeSUS)

Democratic Party of Pensioners (DeSUS). Many countries have a pensioners’ interest party, but Slovenia’s DeSUS is perhaps the most successful, in terms of election results, cabinet participation and longevity. The party holds centrist views, focused on social justice but is principally focused on pensioners’ issues. The party has a highly stable and loyal support base, […]

Zares – Social Liberals

Zares – Social Liberals (‘zares’ is Slovene for ‘indeed’ but is usually left untranslated). Zares is the vehicle of Gregor Golobic. A former secretary-general of the LDS, Golobic had been a close advisor to long-time LDS Premier Drnovsek. Zares was formed, in essence as a split from the LDS’s more left-leaning wing. The party combines […]

Liberal Democracy of Slovenia (LDS)

Liberal Democracy of Slovenia (LDS). The LDS was Slovenia’s dominant political force between 1992 and 2004. The party was actually formed from the Association of Socialist Youth of Slovenia and is its legal successor. The party quickly became the vehicle of Janez Drnovsek. Drnovsek was a former communist who had won the first election organised […]

New Slovenia (NSi) & Slovenian People’s Party (SLS)

New Slovenia (NSi) & Slovenian People’s Party (SLS). This year two of Slovenia’s smaller centre-right parties are running a joint list. The SLS is the older of the two parties. The party was formed as the first non-communist political organisation in the former Yugoslavia. The party originally adopted a populist, nationalist ideology, but eventually came […]