#NHSCitizen at NHS Board

After the NHS Citizen presence at the Expo, including two events with three of the board members, we’re expecting NHS Citizen to be talked about at the NHS Board meeting tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 9.30 – we’re under item four. We don’t know what they’ll say, whether they’ll be complimentary or critical, but the live […]

Your Feedback – NHS Citizen Gather

On Wednesday 20th February we launched the test version of the NHS Citizen Gather space and on Friday 21st we began to ask people to submit their ideas on what NHS Citizen should be talking about and for feedback on the site. Gather will give people opportunities to work together around particular issues, either those that NHS bodies want […]

Welcome to the Thinktank Roundup

Welcome to the Talk Issues ‘Thinktank Roundup’ – your one-stop review of all the best publications, research, commentary and events from leading UK think tanks. Not surprisingly two themes dominate the output this week – the arrival of the UK’s first coalition government in 60+ years and the implications of the coming fiscal contraction. Reports, Publications & […]

Avoiding the issue

Image via Wikipedia One horrror movie staple is the monstrous beast that revives unexpectedly when you think the hero has killed it. Another is the monstrous beast unleashing a hideous scream as it disappears into oblivion. Time will tell whether the wails of the media and the two main parties over the last few days […]

David Mitchell on caring

David Mitchell, the comedian from the Mitchell and Webb Show and various panel games, has a column in the Observer that is frequently very insightful. This week’s column addresses the election, and concludes with an appeal to think about the real issues behind the political posturing: Understanding the tiny differences between one drably plausible group […]