Training for the New Behaviours

Recently I attended a module 1 training course for policy makers through Civil Service Learning. It was aimed at civil servants who are new to policy making through to ‘old hands’ who might benefit from a refresher or more formalised training. The group exercises were topical and lively (eg raising the legal age for alcohol […]

What I learnt at the Open and Collaborative policy making course

I recently attended a great course run by Civil Service Learning. The course covered new ways of thinking about policy development and was attended by colleagues from across government. As usual on courses, I learnt as much from the conversations as I did from the course content. In the days since, I’ve been mulling over […]

Playing games to open up policymaking

It’s all very well agreeing that policymaking should be open, but translating that commitment into real change involves at a least a few difficult, practical steps: there needs to be some leadership and HR support for individuals who want to try new approaches online, which is where Sir Bob Kerslake and the GDS guidance on […]

Designing e-learning on open policy making- we need your help

Successful policy requires a good understanding of the political context in which policy is formulated; a strong evidence base and, an explicit focus on delivery. The policy profession, with Civil Service Learning, are developing a suite of learning sessions to support those in policy roles in the above areas. As part of this suite of […]

Calling Civil Servants: Open and Collaborative Policy Making Training Course

The Civil Service Reform plan and, open policy making in particular have sparked a lot of discussion both within and outside the Civil Service. I think these discussions are important and I’m really excited that more of them seem to be happening. Civil Service Learning (CSL) have put together some training courses on this topic, […]