No Parliament should vote in secret

Did you know that MEPs can vote in secret, so you never find out who voted which way? Neither did I. But they can. Now MEPs are talking about voting in secret on the EU Budget, which they have to approve now the member states have signed it off. I’ve always been a supporter of […]

Inside Out: Does the way we work impact how we engage?

The  Civil Service Reform Plan (CSR) sets out a number of actions for implementation.  Earlier this week I attended a workshop organised by the Cabinet Office, to consider one of them (action 18): “Drive the culture and behaviours being sought through the new competence framework that sets out the behaviours civil servants need to demonstrate” […]

In an era of Open Policy, political parties need to embrace guerilla tactics to survive.

The open policymaking project is looking at methods of public engagement and participation in policy and what role digital technologies can play in the future. Historically, one of the major forms of public engagement in informing policy has been through the mainstream political parties. However, the main political parties are being eclipsed, especially from a […]