Nadine Dorries: wrong about voting numbers

Nadine Dorries is getting a lot of airtime for her comment that “more people vote on X Factor and I’m a Celebrity than vote in general elections”. Which is a shame, since it’s utter nonsense. The 2010 series of the X Factor saw 15,448,019 votes cast (source). I’m a Celebrity, which receives similar ratings, doesn’t seem […]

That’s enough referendums, say Swiss

I hadn’t spotted this until just now, but about a month ago a Swiss referendum rejected a proposal from a pressure group with far right links to put all new international treaties or treaty amendments to a referendum. It was a thrashing, really, as no canton voted in favour and the national vote was less than […]

Is there a point to politicians?

Chris Dillow argues Politicians are becoming meaningless people doing meaningless posturing. in the light of their inability to fix the problems of the Eurozone, or to reverse declining turnout at elections. Hopi Sen, in an unrelated post, points out that people’s interest in politics has remained relatively stable, but their propensity to vote, and their belief that […]