Still can’t decide?

Polling Day is tomorrow and if – like a third of voters – you still haven’t definitively made up your mind how to vote, here are some resources for you to take a look at: Carrie’s roundup of websites that match users’ views to parties’ policies. Find out which party’s opinions are close to yours […]

Election kit: Awkward Questions for party doorsteppers…

David Gordon has a handy guide to being an (intelligently) awkward bugger when someone comes to the doorstep looking for your vote. Here’s some snippets. First the DUP: The DUP opposed power-sharing for decades and said in its last General Election manifesto in 2005 that a coalition with Sinn Fein was “out of the question”. […]

Last chance to register to vote!

Image via Wikipedia It’s been in the back of my mind since I moved house, but with sorting out the utilities, furniture, decorating and everything else registering to vote didn’t seem like a priority, but now here we are and the deadline to be allowed to vote in the upcoming general election is tomorrow. As […]