How do we take back control?

  Digital democracy & democratic deficit in the EU The Democratic Society are working on a project to find out how people would like to communicate ideas directly to the institutions of the European Union. It’s about citizens feeding in to policy-making and having a say more than just once every five years in the European […]

Europarl Hackathon for the European Elections 2014

On the 24-26 January 2014 Stefan and Xavier are holding a European Parliament hackathon supported by Citizen for Europe. This is an event where coders, graphists, activists and journalists can come together to collaborate on software projects that will help citizens to access and connect in new ways with politics in Europe. Participants will lead the projects, deciding what they […]

Blogging Portal is relaunching

Blogging Portal is a website that brings together blogs from all across the EU, currently curating 1116 blogs. These blogs are aggregated in to English language (you can also select French or German in the top bar), grouped under topics such as transport or banking and the best are selected by Blogging Portal’s editors. Blogging Portal is […]

EU Digital Agenda Assembly Plenary – Part 2

20th June Afternoon Session . Keynote speeches According to Harri Koponen, Senior Advisor at Rovio Entertainment Ltd, digital needn’t be the end point of a company’s trajectory. Rather,  companies can use their success in digital media to expand and grow into other markets, such as merchandising of their product as Rovio has with ‘Angry Birds’. […]

EU Digital Agenda Assembly Plenary

20 June Morning Session Keynote speeches Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission, delivered the first keynote address.The speech focused on equality, making sure Europe is pushing forward as a global leader in technology and assuring the economic future for young Europeans. Kroes asked the audience ‘what kind of jobs do you want for your […]

Making Government Suck Less (article at @techcrunch)

Interesting read from a US politician on the use of the Internet in changing government. Estonia gets a mention, as does the US Techcrunch subsite, CrunchGov. America is built on the principle that government at every level should be of the people, by the people and for the people. When elected leaders or career bureaucrats […]

Setting the tone

I’ve tweeted it already, but it’s well worth reading this post from Kevin Anderson at his blog, discussing how journalists (and, we’d add, everyone who runs a discussion site) has responsibility for setting the tone of debate. An extract, but read the whole thing: Poisonous communities don’t sell. They don’t sell to most readers, and […]