• Strong interests in: filmmaking, documentary, theatre, drama, storytelling, inclusion, equalities, engagement, participation, health & wellbeing & environmental issues.
  • Background in film, managing language schools, working with international students & young people & children with additional needs.
  • BA (Hons) in Film & Media.

3 things I’m good at or enjoy

  • Creative- I enjoy filmmaking, story-telling & sharing human experiences. Outside of work, I recently directed a comedy play at the Assembly Roxy & like getting involved in various shows & film projects.
  • I enjoy problem solving & thinking up new ways that things can be done, I’m by no way a perfectionist but I like to get stuff done. I also like to think outside the box & get folk out of their comfort zones, including my team at work…  
  • I’m good at empathising & seeing other people’s points of view- I love meeting new people & listening to different perspectives & stories.

Something I’ve achieved/proud of

Outside of work, I’m really proud of some of the young people I’ve worked with & taught over the last few years especially with some of the language barriers and challenges some of them have faced. The most recent, is setting up a musical theatre group called Fabb Imagine for Fabb Scotland including young people with additional needs, breaking barriers & putting on an amazing show just before christmas. (They are currently rehearsing for their next show in June). At Demsoc, I’m proud to be part of a fantastic team that are always willing to challenge and improve themselves.

3 things I’m not so good at

  • I’m quite restless & think about a lot of things at once so sitting in long meetings & listening for long periods of time can be tough but something I’m trying to get better at.
  • I’m a multi-tasker which can be a good thing but also difficult when you are thinking & doing about 10 different things at once but also trying to focus on one important thing…*takes a breath* (in other words prioritising).
  • Although I love the thrill of going up on stage & doing many thespian & presenter type things I would like to get better at public speaking & learn how to utilize my own voice better. 

What I’m currently working on at Demsoc

I’m based up in Edinburgh, Scotland so some say I’m the northerner of Demsoc. I’m currently working on digital participatory budgeting which involves supporting local authorities & communities access digital tools to support greater online participation & decision making across Scotland. I’ve also started a series of engagement events (which sounds like Lemony Snicket’s a series of unfortunate events… but it’s not – it’s very positive…) which involves trialling and testing new ways of engaging folk into participation and decision making in politics. Recently, we did a film screening and Q&A of Peterloo (200 year anniversary and thinking about community spirit), a global inventions inspired meet-up (thinking about the global goals for sustainable development) & there is lots more to come: