• Joined Demsoc in 2017 to develop the network and support for democratic innovation in Italy.
  • Political science graduate with a strong interest in citizen engagement, gender equality, and mainstreaming gender perspectives in policies.
  • Prior professional experience at Bologna City Council, LUMSA University, and the Political Science department at the University of Bologna.
  • Regular public speaker.

3 things I’m good at or enjoy

  • Networking, attending conferences, and scoping out new opportunities. I love interacting with other people.
  • Working with citizens is definitely what I love the most: the first time I held a Town Hall event in Messina a participant said to me, “Thanks for sending me thousands of emails, I’d have lost such an interesting opportunity otherwise”. This is the sense of my work.
  • Writing proposals, as you have the chance to design the process, which makes all the difference between a successful project and a not-so-successful one.

Something I’ve achieved/proud of

I’m very proud to have spoken at the World Forum for Democracy, an annual democracy conference, in a non-native language while being the youngest speaker on the panel. The theme was women and democracy. I look forward to 50-50 society (finally!).

3 things I’m not so good at

  • I’m Italian and, as you might imagine, it’s really difficult for me to eat outside my country! Every time I go to Brussels, my colleague Satguine very kindly tries to choose the best places to eat – and drink coffee – but it’s a difficult exercise! I hate stereotypes but just his one is very much real! 😊
  • Budgeting: I hate that our work with citizens towards improving democracy needs to be reduced to numbers and money. However, this is life!
  • Graphic design: I’m a creative person but please don’t ask me to use Photoshop!

What I’m currently working on at Demsoc

Currently leading one of Demsoc’s flagship project “Le Agorà di Messina” and coordinating the Incubator for Participatory Democracy, an alliance of democracy innovators, brought together by the Council of Europe.