• Project Assistant with a focus on admin, comms, and events programming.
  • Previously volunteered at the People’s History Museum as a Business Development assistant. Here I was involved in creating social media campaigns, such as ‘Sponsor a Radical’ Twitter campaign, and supporting events such as a screening of Peterloo, in order to raise the profile of the museum and increase youth engagement.
  • Graduate of the Common purpose leadership programme.
  • Graduated with BA (Hons) Art History from the University of Manchester.

3 things I’m good at or enjoy:

  • I really enjoy coming up with creative ideas to engage with new audiences – something I’m using to help shape our events planning at Demsoc!
  • From an academic perspective, I am a very visual person and my city-focused dissertation showed me how much I enjoy  thinking critically about how urban places are shaped by culture and its communities. I’m hoping to see how I can apply this learning and interest to our digital and data work around smart cities.
  • Outside Demsoc, I’ll be found running, hiking, with my head in a good book or wandering around an art gallery. Most of all, I enjoy exploring new cities (next on the list is Barcelona).

Something I’ve achieved/proud of:

Inside Demsoc, I am proud of completing my first podcast and blog about the Greater Manchester Democracy Hub Event. I persevered even though I was initially a bit nervous about this and came across technical challenges.

3 things I’m not so good at:

  • I love meeting and listening to new people but I am not so good when it comes to networking in large groups.
  • I am very conscientious of other people’s time and priorities so sometimes I won’t be assertive enough when it comes to delegating tasks or asking for help.
  • Having to socialise new ideas and ways of doing things is a new experience for me and is something I would like to work on more.

What I’m currently working on at Demsoc:

I recently ran a film screening in Manchester, marking the beginning of more events in Manchester. I am also working on engaging audiences of the Demsoc Manchester and Public Square social media accounts, and supporting our work on Public Square and the Innovation in Democracy Programme.  Meanwhile, the business-minded side to me is really enjoying developing and putting in place new processes that go on behind the scenes of Demsoc, to help us work in a more efficient and professional fashion.