• Staunch defender of public spaces, social justice, and the oxford comma.
  • Architect and urbanist by training, proud Demsocaroo by choice.
  • Earnest researcher and community volunteer.

3 things I’m good at or enjoy

  • I am the epitome of a nerd: read too much, go out too little, and have an unhealthy obsession with the oxford comma.
  • True to my nerd gene, I love research and writing. I find connecting the dots particularly satisfying. It is a skill that has served me well, especially in picking up new languages.
  • Having lived and worked on three different continents has made me a people person. I genuinely believe that everyone you meet has something valuable to teach you, which is why I love talking to people and learning (occasionally what NOT to do) from them.

Something I’ve achieved/proud of

I take immense pride in having completed an undergraduate degree in architecture and a PhD in urban design. Although the titles in themselves do not matter as much to me, what matters is my having preserved through two intensely rigorous programmes.

3 things I’m not so good at

  • A strange blend of pedant and multi-tasker, I often find myself being pulled in several different directions which doesn’t make for the healthiest work-life balance.
  • Despite facing countless juries at architecture school, public-speaking still remains a nerve-wreaking endeavour – one that results in my dying several deaths on the inside before a usually successful outcome.
  • I have trouble owning up to my achievements. This is where my stellar colleagues at Demsoc will routinely step in to remind me that the pat on the back is well-deserved

What I’m currently working on at Demsoc

My current role as Research and Project Manager (Digital) entails looking at the – often tense – intersection between digital technology and democracy and exploring the ways in which democracy needs to evolve in response to the new opportunities and challenges that digital technology brings.