A new project for 2018

We’re launching a new project to explore the different ways that people at the local level can influence conversations and policy making at the European level. More information will be available in January 2018.

The Democratic Society will design processes for people in participating localities to have a conversation about an issue that matters to them; whilst also working with people inside European institutions to connect those conversations into their policy work. Throughout, we’ll be considering how contributions from different localities can be handled by decision makers, and how information about decisions is fed back to people at the local level.

We’re working on the hypothesis that a networked approach is needed if European action is to be linked into citizens’ opinions and experiences.

This project is linked to our work to develop networks for open government and participation across Europe.

We’re looking for towns and rural places to participate (March – August 2018)

Starting in Belgium and Italy – with ambition to expand to other countries in future cycles – we’re looking for towns and rural places to host participative events about the future of work and skills. The events will take place between March and August 2018.

The Democratic Society are responsible for designing and coordinating the processes. We’ll be working with local partners to support delivery.

Throughout the project, we’ll be answering our research questions and compiling key learning to support the development of participatory initiatives across Europe.

Interested in finding out more or being a participating locality?

Please contact Kelly <kelly@demsoc.org> with general enquiries.

If you’re from a town or rural area in Belgium and you’d like to be part of the project, please email Kelly <kelly@demsoc.org>

If you’re from a town or rural area in Italy and you’d like to be part of the project, please email Francesca <fra10@demsoc.org>

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