The People's Panel on Health and Care


In partnership with Involve and Engage Britain, Demsoc designed and delivered phase two of the Health and Care project: the People’s Panel. The People’s Panel is part of a larger project run by Engage Britain –  an independent charity bringing people together to tackle our country’s biggest challenges. Many people agree health and care is the number one issue facing the country today, so Engage Britain has launched a national drive to find out how we can make sure people across Britain get the health and care they need, when they need it. This larger project has four key stages:

  • Stage 1 - Members of the public, frontline staff, and health and care users come together to share views and ideas with each other through Community Conversations. 100 Community Conversations have taken place between January - May 2021. 
  • Stage 2 - Over 100 people demographically representative people from across Britain come together as the People’s Panel to share their views, listen to what has come out of the Community Conversations and hear from experts in health and care. Panel Members will work together to explore the challenges and trade offs and come up with a first blueprint for the future of health and care. 
  • Stage 3 - Experts by experience, practice, and policy professionals will work together in a co-design process to turn the blueprint from the People’s Panel into practical plans for change. 
  • Stage 4 - The plans produced in stage three will be tested out with the general public, people who work on the frontline and politicians with influence over health and care decisions. These plans will be improved and re-tested to make sure everyone can get behind them.

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How the process worked

In 2021, 100 people from across England, Scotland, and Wales came together online to form the People’s Panel on Health and Care. Across four weekends between September - November, Panel members worked together to explore how we can ensure everyone in Britain gets the health and care they need. Panel Members also met in-between weekends for short ‘Micro Group’ sessions where they had the opportunity to think, reflect, and build rapport with other Panel Members. During the weekend sessions, members: 

  • Heard the stories, views, and ideas that people shared in the Community Conversations, and shared their own
  • Heard from speakers - including patients, carers, people living in care, health and care experts, and NHS staff
  • Discussed issues with other Panel members and weighed up what matters to people
  • Decided what next steps should be taken to solve health and care challenges

To hear from the Panel Members about their experience of taking part in the process, please see the video below. 

Panel Members reflections on taking part


The priorities that came out of the People’s Panel will be taken into stage three of the Health and Care project. In early 2022, Engage Britain will bring together frontline staff, patients, people who use care support, and those who decide how health and care services are run to use the priorities from the People’s Panel to design practical plans for change. These plans will be tested to make sure they will make a difference to people. Later in 2022 the People’s Panel will meet for a second time to make sure these practical plans for change stay true to the things that matter most to people across Britain. Engage Britain will then share these plans with politicians from all parties.

People's Panel Two

In 2022 Demsoc will be continuing to work alongside Involve and Engage Britain to design and deliver People's Panel Two. We are looking forward to continuing with this exciting project and will update this page shortly.

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