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Supporting community access to digital participatory budgeting tools in Scotland

Digital Tools & Digital Participatory Budgeting Resources. Included here are a set of resources to support participatory practitioners to do digital participatory budgeting (PB) and engagement with people in their communities. These resources were developed by Democratic Society with a Creative Commons License and funded by the Scottish Government as part of the supporting community access to digital participatory budgeting tools in Scotland project Feb-July 2021.

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Public Square: Resources for Local Democracy

Resources for those working, interested in or funding local democracy in around Europe. Tools, templates, events and more...!

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Participatory Budgeting: Resources for local authorities

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Dreaming Democracy podcast with John Alexander, Dundee City Council Leader

We spoke to John Alexander, Scottish National Party councillor and the current Leader of Dundee City Council to talk about all things Dundee, participatory budgeting, the role of elected members and Scotland.

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PB & Shaping North Ayrshire with Pam Crosthwaite & Andrew Fox

We spoke to Pam Crosthwaite & Andrew Fox at North Ayrshire Council to learn more about PB

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Find out more about artificial intelligence - watch the videos!

Scotland's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy Videos. We spoke to 3 experts leading the way for AI in Scotland; Kate Forbes, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Talat Yaqoob, Director at Equate Scotland and Dr David Lowe, Consultant in emergency medicine and lead for innovation in the West of Scotland. Directed by Annie Cook at Democratic Society.

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Get involved in our fun interactive quizzes on artificial intelligence

Take part in a selection of fun quizzes to test your knowledge on AI and shape Scotland's AI Strategy.

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Antwerp’s consensus-based take on Participatory Budgeting

As part of our work developing the use of digital participatory budgeting (PB) in Scotland, Demsoc has been showcasing innovative approaches to Participatory Budgeting, particularly those that make good use of digital tools. Antwerp’s process is groundbreaking in its focus on achieving consensus through offline small group discussions. But they have also experimented in interesting ways with using digital tools as part of this process. Hanne Bastiaensen was the project lead and key creative force behind Antwerp’s Participatory Budget. She recently joined our team at Demsoc, so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to ask her some questions about what she’s done in Antwerp.

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