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Our Annual Report for Year 16 is out!

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Landscape Analysis

The Landscape Analysis tool, part of Demsoc's Climate Democracy Model, is designed to expand thinking about a project or issue, helping teams progressively identify areas for change, build compelling stories about the impacts of making these changes, and celebrate progress made as programmes advance.

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Actor Types & Interactions

The Actor Types & Interactions tool is part of Demsoc's Climate Democracy Model. It helps us explain the types of actors involved in democratic climate action, what roles they play, and how their roles must evolve to bring about climate resilient futures.

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Canopy for Climate Democracy

The Canopy for Climate Democracy, part of the Climate Democracy Model, offers a way of assessing and seeing the big picture of a city or region’s climate resilience based on four segments for climate democracy derived from Demsoc’s work: Diversity of actors and knowledge, Participatory culture, Resourcing, and Competencies for climate democracy.

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Climate Democracy Model

The Climate Democracy Model (the Model) is Demsoc’s holistic view of what we need to mitigate climate change and build climate resilience in our cities and regions in a democratic way – what we term climate democracy. It consists of practical, interconnected tools for a city or region to assess and analyse its progress towards climate resilience through democratic means.

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The 8 competencies form part of Demsoc’s evolving Climate Democracy Model. They are drawn from learnings across Demsoc's climate work, and feedback from city partners and peers, and are intended to provide reflection on competencies present in work programmes for climate action.

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DEMOTEC - Participatory Budgeting & participation

Democratic Society have been working on DEMOTEC, an EU-funded Horizon 2020 project probing the role of Participatory Budgeting (PB). Training materials on participatory budgeting and participation are available here for those interested in engaging citizens into democratic processes and decision making. Suitable for local municipalities, communities, government or anyone looking to do a participatory process with people.

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Supporting community access to digital participatory budgeting tools in Scotland

Digital Tools & Digital Participatory Budgeting Resources. Included here are a set of resources to support participatory practitioners to do digital participatory budgeting (PB) and engagement with people in their communities. These resources were developed by Democratic Society with a Creative Commons License and funded by the Scottish Government as part of the supporting community access to digital participatory budgeting tools in Scotland project Feb-July 2021.

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