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Can wearable tech increase democratic participation?

Ling is a designer, maker and coder interested in how people interact with the built environment and wearable technology. Her work involves devising workshops in which she guides participants on how to use wearable technology as a tool to explore issues such as air quality and perceptions of safety in a city.

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Service Design Connects a Community in Dundee

What happens when a service design approach is used to bring people together to make decisions about the use of a street? Find out how this approach was used in Dundee.

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Creating the Magic - an online Citizens' Assembly

Pandora, network & delivery manager and group facilitator for the Adur & Worthing Climate Assembly reflects on the initial journey of a fully online Climate Assembly.

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Five ways of meaningfully involving citizens in climate action

This blog post outlines some of the key considerations for taking citizen participation to the next level in climate action.

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Fear no more: Talking AI

We were commissioned by The Data Lab and the Scottish Government to design and deliver a public engagement programme, the findings from which will inform the development of the AI Strategy for Scotland.

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PB in Fife, Scotland

We spoke to Coryn Barclay, Research Consultant and PB Path Finder at Fife Council, about the story of participatory budgeting in Fife, their challenges, and their hopes for the future.

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The Innovation in Democracy Programme and its lessons for deliberative democracy

Reflections on the lessons we learned by delivering the UK Government's Innovation in Democracy Programme in England.

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How Can Our COVID-19 Response Create a More Equitable and Collaborative Society?

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