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Our staff and members contribute to the growing discussion on modernising democracy. Discover some of our recent contributions here.

Making democracy work better for everyone in 2020

We would like to say a massive thank you to all our staff at Democratic Society, partners, funders and participants for all their hard work throughout 2020.

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A Creative Response to A Climate Assembly

Pauline Rutter, Artist in Residence at the Adur & Worthing Climate Assembly shares her reflections on the process, and how art can help people connect with climate and social justice issues.

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Citizen Voices for Digital Rights in Tirana, Albania

Find out about how Demsoc is helping people in Tirana, Albania and other cities across Europe, to tackle the issue of their digital rights, and to advocate for themselves and their communities.

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Open House - What did people bring to Beyond the Rules?

Last week we hosted a hundred people for Beyond the Rules’ Open House. We invited participants from businesses, foundations, charities, religious organisations and academia to rearrange furniture, fling paint up the walls and generally make a mess of what we think we know. We wanted to create some much-needed disruption to our ideas of business as usual and connect with others working to go beyond the rules. Let’s take a tour of the Open House and hear what people spoke about…

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Our first thoughts - Why Democratic Society is going Beyond the Rules…

Values of openness, fairness, internationalism, equality and participation are at the core of our work. For us, Beyond the Rules is about bringing democracy beyond government and beyond the public sector. In this sense, it’s more than a project or a programme – it's about getting to the heart of democracy.

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A Climate Assembly Delivered Entirely Online Concludes

On Saturday 5 December, the Adur and Worthing Climate Assembly concluded its work. Our team share their initial reflections.

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The future of AI in Scotland: Panel Event

Our reflections on our panel event on The Future of AI in Scotland

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#PowerOfYouth Takeover Week

"Organisations like Demsoc are leading the way for youth to be given not a voice, but a microphone, so our voices are heard on the issues that personally affect us." Read Anah's blog to find out more about the #PowerOfYouth!

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