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We have developed six videos on articifical intelligence in Scotland.

We spoke to Kate Forbes, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, Talat Yaqoob, Director at Equate Scotland and Dr David Lowe, Consultant in emergency medicine and lead for innovation in the west of Scotland.

The Scottish Government is committed to the National Performance Framework’s aims of creating a successful country where everyone living in Scotland is given an opportunity to prosper through sustainable and inclusive growth. The UK is ranked 2nd in the Global Readiness for AI Index (OECD countries) and whilst the UK Government had developed an AI sector deal and is developing a data strategy, data and AI are devolved matters for the Scottish Government.

With Scotland’s strength as a destination for the tech industry, its vibrant start-up ecosystem and world class universities, a co-ordinated AI strategy is needed to ensure that it realises its potential and thrives as highlighted in the latest research from SCDI, ScotlandIS, RSE and BT.

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Directed by Annie Cook at Democratic Society.
Photo by Andreea Popa on Unsplash.
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