DEMOTEC - Participatory Budgeting & participation

Democratic Society have been working on DEMOTEC, an EU-funded Horizon 2020 project probing the role of Participatory Budgeting (PB) in fostering greater and more informed citizen participation in policy-making. A mixed consortium of academic, media and citizen engagement partners, DEMOTEC focuses on citizen engagement in European regional and urban policies, combining in-depth research on participatory budgeting and mediated deliberation in the public sphere.

The project involves a multidisciplinary methodological approach, applying innovative methods including participatory budgeting research experiments and Democratic Society has produced training materials below available to all actors willing to improve citizen participation in policy-making and engage citizens that feel disconnected from political and policy processes. More on DEMOTEC

DEMOTEC logo in blue and orange text

Slides & recorded workshop presentations

Introduction to participatory budgeting & planning a process

Intro to participatory budgeting & planning a process

Running an event in-person & online

Criteria, idea generation & proposals

Setting Criteria, Idea Generartion & Proposals

Voting & consensus

We have set up a regular space for the DEMOTEC consortium and cities working on the project to convene every couple of months for sharing and learning, working together, sharing ideas, bringing in expert speakers in PB, democratic practice and participation and Q&A. Below is a recording from Novembers session with PB expert speakers Stefano Stortone, CEO at BiParte and Hanne Bastiaensen, PB design expert and colleague at Democratic Society.

DEMOTEC city sharing & learning event 23rd November 2021 BiParte and Antwerp case studies

Communications & Stakeholder Mapping, 17th February 2022

Digital Engagement, 17th February 2022

Quick links:

  1. Introduction to PB & planning your PB, 23rd Sept 2021:
  2. Criteria, Idea Generation & Proposals, 23rd Sept 2021:
  3. Running an event (online & in person), 28 Sept 2021:
  4. Voting & consensus, 28 Sept 2021:
  5. DEMOTEC city sharing & learning event, 23rd Nov 2021:
  6. Facilitation, 8th Feb & 15th March 2022 (*not recorded because of more interaction)
  7. Communications & Stakeholder mapping, 17th Feb 2022:
  8. Digital Engagement, 17th Feb 2022:

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