Nature-based Solutions: Practices book

Nature-based solutions: Practices to help them spread

The Practices book has been developed as part of the LIFE-PACT project in support of the deployment of Nature-based solutions (NbS) in project cities. It provides practical and accessible ‘guidance’ on different conditions and factors for successful deployment that upholds values of democracy, equity, inclusiveness and participation. It contains evidence-based practices and recommendations for consideration that we have experimented with and learned from directly in multiple European cities participating in the LIFE-PACT project.

These NbS Practices are primarily aimed at civil servants working in local government. They are also for civil society organisations, democracy innovation practitioners and subject matter experts in scientific, technical and community building professions working with local government civil servants to spread NbS locally. We also hope that community conveners and grassroots groups will find them inspiring for action, and useful to learn how local governments are approaching NbS to work better together.

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