Join our new Advisory Group for our Climate Programme

Call for Climate Advisory Group Members

Democratic Society is Europe’s leading international democracy organization, supporting cities and citizens alike to ensure that reaching climate neutrality is a democratic not just a technocratic process. Through democratic design, organizational development and a practical participation approach, we are building long-term citizens’ participation in all the decisions, plans and projects that affect them, and we love what we’re doing. 

Our Climate Programme has been established in 2020 and is working across several cities in Europe and the Balkans to achieve climate resilience through democratic means, aiming at strengthening democratic institutions for the long-term. We are also part of the NetZeroCities project aiming at serving 100 European cities in reaching climate neutrality in support of European Union’s Green Deal.

We have been able to learn more about how democratic climate action can be taken by cities through the research that led to the development of the democratic climate model. We aim at making our work inclusive, just, and more sustainable by uplifting especially those voices that are usually not at the table. 

We’d therefore like to set up an Advisory Group for our Climate Programme with about 7 members. The aim of the Advisory Group is to ensure that our work includes the experiences and knowledge of relevant sector representatives to increase the impact on our societies’ climate resilience. We want to ensure that the activities and ways of working are developed collectively. That is why we will aim at discussing the joint approach to the Advisory Group together with its selected members in the first session.

Who are you?

  • Have 3-10 years of experience in your respective field
  • Are interested in gaining experience in Democratic Society’s work
  • Can attend at least 2 meetings (online or in-person) per year
  • Relate to democratic values of transparency, equality, and participation
  • Want to join a dynamic group of people working on the basis of a joint learning approach

What’s in it for you?

While we welcome any suggestions that you may have in terms of benefits for your personal or professional development, here’s what you can expect from us:  

  • Be part of a developed network of international climate experts 
  • Have access to Democratic Society’s networks and expertise
  • Option to join Demsoc’s trainings & workshops
  • Possibility to develop joint publications 
  • Be promoted as members of our advisory group on our website and social media channels
  • If your involvement in the advisory group is not covered by your current organisation, an allowance will be offered to enable you to contribute to the advisory group

What would be your involvement?

Everyone’s time is valuable. We want to ensure you know what we envision from an advisory group member, here is our understanding of your contribution:

  • Commitment to be part of the advisory group for at least a year
  • Providing insights and reflections upon specific propositions developed by the Climate Programme 
  • Highlight and collaborate on opportunities to scale democratic climate action and improve our impact
  • Optional: contribute ad-hoc expertise and comments via email or phone once per month

We would like the first meeting of the advisory group members to take place ideally on 15 March 2022. 

Application process

We welcome applications to join the advisory group especially from the following affiliations, sectors and organisations: urban/ city planning, arts & creative industry, renewable energy, knowledge from youth + social movement, knowledge from indigenous communities, public health, psychology, lived experienced as citizen, biodiversity, financial sector, research and academia, international institutions, politicians.

We believe that everyone is an expert based on their own lived experience, and that we all have unique contributions to bring to the Advisory Group. We especially welcome applications from members of underrepresented or minority groups.

Please do send your CV or LinkedIn profile and a short paragraph of 3 sentences maximum on your motivation for joining the advisory group via email to Nadja Nickel, Programme Director, Climate ( by January 20, 2022. Candidates can expect one round of interviews to take place at the end of February 2021. 

We hope to hear from you - and are on hand for any questions you may have!

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