Adriana Colquechambi Zea O'Phelan

NetZeroCities Project Lead

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Why Democratic Society?

Democratic Society is for me the space where I can be a verb, a being in action, ambitious, audacious, inspiring and purposeful, and being aligned with other humans that are “being” as well! 

Where I’m based: 

Madrid, Spain

Languages I speak: 

Spanish, Catalan, French, English and with some touch of Swedish and German 

As a child, I wanted to be... 

A mom and take care of all beings in the Earth!


Adriana started her professional life with a degree in Business. She found very early on that she loved to be part of intentional communities, to build relationships and to facilitate processes that bring (un)likely people together to work towards a shared purpose in different settings. To do so, she started a (her) journey to (un)learn how to work meaningfully with “relations” and “how to cultivate conditions that create generative spaces and empowering contexts for humans”. That’s why Adriana enrolled herself in formal, informal and nonformal learning. As a consequence, Adriana holds a Master's in International Relations and a Master of Science in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability. In addition, she received training and worked with dialogue-based and awareness-based interventions, participatory processes, and transformational leadership practices. 

Before joining Demsoc, Adriana worked for several years as a civil servant in the Area of Economic Promotion and Development at the local (Barcelona) and regional level (Catalonia) in Spain. These experiences have taught her that being a public servant means working hard for a noble purpose, for what matters to citizens and for impactful actions. That’s why she is pleased to continue contributing to the public service now at Demsoc.

Things I’m learning

  • Cultural humility, and I often find myself asking about “how the world occurs to the humans I’m interacting with?”
  • Listening in a generative fashion, from possibility instead of listening from my past experiences. At work, this looks like “what possibilities am I listening to for cities?”
  • How I can cultivate inner/outer conditions that support the (co)creation of generative spaces regardless of the circumstances. 
  • And I’m learning to love Madrid

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