Yasmine Barcat

Finance officer

Where are you located? I’m located in the Brussels office.

What languages do you speak? I’m a French speaker and quite fluent in English. Currently, I’m learning Dutch as I’m leaving in Flemish area since 2 years ago. My purpose is to archive the B1 level.

What do you enjoy about working at DemSoc? Working at DemSoc I feel involved in our day to day approach and particularly believe that democracies reform are really important in our society. I’m convinced that people are born and remain free for the rest of their life. I’m really sensitive about human rights and equality.

As a child I wanted to be... A wild animal vet.

When I graduated and got my marketing degree, I started to work as financial officer at Euroclear bank and gained a lot of experience in this sector. During my career, I've been a trader, dealt with bonds and equities, as well as working in insurance gaining 10 years of commercial experience. Since that time I've worked in the public sector. Working as manager. In this function, I've learnt a lot about how dealing with HR, financial tasks, writing procedures, accountancy and have been responsible for many IT projects. It gives me great satisfaction to make day to day approaches more efficient.

Things I'm learning I like photographing people, landscape or animals and transforming photos into fine art with Photoshop or Lightroom. Shooting photos must be done quickly, composing intuitively and spontaneously. I believe that Photoshop is an essential tool for photographers who want to do retouching, compositing, color correction, painting and more. In my own composition, I always tend to develop something unreal or weird in order to make people laughing. I believe that photography offers inspiration and exciting creative techniques and ideas for creative expression that cannot be found elsewhere.

Contact details

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