Communities celebrate their participatory budgeting

Four people on stage. One holds an envelope in one hand
Crieff announces the results of its participatory budgeting process

Musselburgh Area Partnership & Crieff Community Trust have both successfully completed their first ever digital PB process with voting events completing on Saturday 16th March.

Musselburgh, in East Lothian, and Crieff, in Perthshire, both received Community Choices funding from the Scottish Government and chose to involve citizens the power to make decisions about how budget was allocated, with digital participatory budgeting. Demsoc supported them to use a digital participation platform as part of our work supporting the programme.

Both Iain Clark (Musselburgh Area Partnership) and Arleen Sinclair (Crieff Community Trust) chose to use both online and offline voting methods to engage as many people in their communities as possible to deliberate and vote on the local proposals.

Congrats to Arleen and Iain!

Both Iain Clark and Arleen Sinclair did an amazing job of working out their PB process, getting others on board in participating, marketing their process, overcoming both digital and offline challenges in the face of adversity, organising and running events and simply cracking on and getting things done, whatever barriers they may have faced.

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk of PB champions – and we’d say that people like Arleen and Iain are PB champions for the effort that they have put into thinking about how these processes might work, running them and supporting their community into getting involved.