What is Co-Production in 2020? Join our Public Square webinar as we explore ‘democracy in action’

Join Public Square and our panel of experts for our first event on Co-Production taking place on 8th July, 1500-1630 UK time.

We’ll hear as they share how they’ve tackled issues of inclusion, empowerment and equality. We’ll explore why they believe Co-Production and greater participation may hold the answers to strengthening UK democracy whilst delivering better outcomes for all.

With growing appetite among the public to be heard and involved in decision-making, the benefits of Co-Production aren’t just felt by organisations:

In “a working model of Co-Production… people reported a sense of belonging and learning allowing them to manage their mental health and improve their quality of life. Friendships and peer support networks were created organically between students.

One student said of attending the college, ‘It’s given me hope. It’s given me options.’”

– Jessica Russell, Co-production Champion, SAVS (Southend Volunteer Service), on Southend’s experience with co-production to improve access to learning for mental health.


Across the UK, councils, civil society groups, tech experts and the public are working to improve local government. Exciting innovation and change is happening, but it’s often too fragmented to see.

This event will bring together leading figures in the field of Co-Production to share their experiences and discuss what they’ve found works well.

In the context of a global pandemic, public services are under untold pressure. Involving the public in design and decision-making processes could be one way of rebuilding trust whilst also generating practical and economical ideas for local government. At the event we’ll explore some key questions, such as:

  • How can an understanding of co-production help inform efforts to involve citizens in government?
  • Where is innovation happening? What is being learned that could help people new to participatory democracy?
  • What’s standing in the way of citizens and local government engaging more closely with each other?
  • How can the decision-making process as part of co-production be made as inclusive as possible? Which tools and technology – old or new – work well for councils, local authorities, citizens and civil society organisations?
  • What are the best ways to join up efforts, ensure lessons are shared, and work with councils to develop an open, common toolkit for civic participation?
  • Where are the gaps? What more needs to be done to connect networks and share resources across the Co-Production and participatory democracy space?

Find out more about our exciting line-up of speakers and register for the event here.