White people feel they can’t influence

Interesting results from the DCLG citizenship survey reported by the BBC. It asked people how much they felt able to influence politics, and white people felt much less able to influence than minority groups.

Some 19% of white people agreed they had a say, compared with 33% of other groups

The survey in full.

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Matthew Taylor on modern malaise

The New Statesman this week has an interesting article by Matthew Taylor, former No. 10 policy wonk and now RSA head man. In it, he talks of the effect that the decline of collectivist culture (political parties, trade unions, etc.) has had on the prospects for political optimism.

The key paragraph (from our point of view):

The old collectivism is dead or dying. Its characteristics – hierarchical, bureaucratic, paternalistic – are no longer suited to the challenges or the mood of the times. The institutions of the new collectivism must be devolved, pluralistic, egalitarian and, most of all, self-actualising.

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