#demsoc10 – Space in Common

Often our work involves helping an organisation to better involve their constituents or clients in decisions. Space in Common was different. We were funded by a group of academic and non-academic researchers working together on an action research project called ‘Jam and Justice’; the aim of Space in Common was to help groups outside government […]

Conference on the Future of Europe: Looking forward

The last of Demsoc’s series of posts on the Conference on the Future of Europe has happened to have remarkably good timing. This morning European Council President Michel, European Parliament President Sassoli, and European Commission President von der Leyen gave a joint press conference on the Future of Europe including touching on the Conference on […]

Conference on the Future of Europe: Shaping the process

The penultimate post, from Demsoc’s series laying out our thoughts on the Conference on the Future of Europe, is about how we think a timeline and structure for the process could work to include citizens from the start, including as many people as possible without rendering the result unusable, and letting citizens shape the agenda […]

Conference on the Future of Europe: Points in common

This is the third in Demsoc’s series of blogs, laying out our thoughts on the Conference on the Future of Europe. So far, in the first post we have examined ‘what good looks like’ for the Conference, alongside some best practice case studies. In the second, we compared some of these case studies, along with […]

Conference on the Future of Europe: Comparing and Contrasting

This is the second in Demsoc’s series of blogs, laying out our thoughts on the Conference on the Future of Europe. Here, we compare and contrast not just best practice examples of citizen engagement across Europe, but also the statements laid out by different European institutions in recent weeks, on the upcoming Conference. Below, we […]

Conference on the Future of Europe: Principles and Exemplars

Brussels is buzzing with talk of the forthcoming Conference on the Future of Europe. The Commission, the Council and the Parliament have all been thinking individually about how to plan the future governance of the EU, in a two-year process that will involve all the institutions, and which – we are promised – will have […]

Space in Common – Collaborating to Shape Our Cities – Final Report Now Published

With partners from Jam and Justice, we’ve recently published a short final report about our Space in Common project. This project was about building relationships and exploring collaboration between different groups with a stake in ‘spatial planning’ decisions about how Greater Manchester takes shape. And exploring how these decisions could be approached in a more […]

A note about Peterloo

A little intro Tonight we’re holding a special screening of Mike Leigh’s Peterloo at Cameo in Edinburgh. It’s nearly 200 years since a peaceful pro-democracy rally at St Peter’s Fields in Manchester turned into a bloody massacre, but the events that led up to this atrocity still have significance today. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/demsoc-film-screening-peterloo-tickets-52349684315 I’ll be reflecting a […]

Reflections From Around the World on Participatory Budgeting

The International Observatory on Participatory Democracy is a worldwide network of local government and other interested researchers and practitioners interested in developing a more participatory form of local democracy. This year their conference was in Barcelona and we used the opportunity to run a workshop exploring people’s experiences of Participatory Budgeting, considering how this technique […]