Support for community organisations doing digital participatory budgeting

The Democratic Society is pleased to be able to offer community groups, with Community Choices funding, a support package to use digital participatory budgeting.

The offer

We will provide you with free access to Your Priorities, a social network platform for idea generation and discussion. The platform has been used by over 1.5m people in over 20 countries since it launched in 2009.

Demsoc will cover the £300 cost of this service, as part of the funding we have from the Scottish Government. Included in this package are two hours of consultation from Your Priorities developer, Citizens Foundation, on how to best set up and use the platform.

Demsoc will provide three days’ support in addition to this to help you design and deliver your digital PB programme.

If additional support is required, Citizens Foundation may be able to find additional days to support your work (depending upon interest among other parties) for free, or charge £275 for half a days support (or £75 per hour).

Please contact Demsoc for more information to find out more about this package.

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