360° Democracy - European Capital of Democracy

Demsoc joins the European Capital of Democracy programme

As Barcelona prepares to embrace its role as the Capital of Democracy, we, at Demsoc, are excited to propose the launch of "360º Democracy". This initiative is not just a representation of democracy; it's an immersive, interactive exploration of how democracy permeates all corners of our lives, from technology and transportation to culture and art.

What is 360° Democracy?

Our philosophy in "360º Democracy" is that democracy isn't confined to political institutions. It has a 360º presence, touching every sphere of society, fostering equality, participation, and co-creation.

The essence of the project lies in transforming various public spaces across Barcelona into Third Places. These installations, inspired by the concept of 'Third Places', are temporary, interactive hubs that engage citizens in public spaces, fostering dialogue and exchange.

Each installation, while being a platform for vibrant discussions, and possibly becoming a canvas for local artists to depict how democracy intertwines with different societal issues. These installations are not just static displays; they're dynamic forums that spur public engagement, facilitate an exchange of ideas, and create a deeper connection between democracy and the people.

The unique aspect of "360º Democracy" is its fluid and recurring nature. Each installation is set up for a day before being dismantled and reimagined in a new location, allowing us to reach diverse communities and delve into a wide range of societal themes.

A significant component of this project is the Action Research-based documentation. Every conversation, artwork, interaction, and insight from each installation will be meticulously recorded. This goes beyond mere data collection; it's a real-time research process that forms the basis of our comprehensive study on the role and perception of democracy across various societal dimensions.

Over the years, this in-depth documentation will evolve into a substantial body of research, shedding light on public sentiment and the lived experience of democracy in the city.

Want to know more and support the initiative?

Potential partners can contribute to this project in numerous ways, whether it's through sponsoring installations, lending subject matter expertise, assisting in data analysis, or supporting logistics and operations.

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