Climate KIC – Deep Demonstrations

Duration: June 2019 – December 2020
Funder: Climate KIC / European Institute of Innovation & Technology

Demsoc is a key partner of Climate KIC in two Deep Demonstrations specifically; ‘Healthy, Clean Cities’ and ‘Just Transformations’. In this project Demsoc supports engagement and participation of citizens throughout the duration of the Deep Demonstrations, initially in 10 EU cities and 1 region, working collectively towards a 2030 climate neutrality commitment. The core mission for our work is making climate change a democratic, not a technocratic issue. We want to help every city use the best citizen participation theory and practice, and develop their engagement further to ensure public involvement in this ambitious transformation programme. We work as a collective project across the different cities to deliver a replicable, scalable model of engagement on climate change.
In addition to the Deep Demonstrations, we are also included as a Climate KIC partner in the Future Cities South East and Sustainable Historical Districts projects.

Project manager: Nadja Nickel
Cities: Vienna, Malmö, Amsterdam, Leuven, Copenhagen, Krakow, Milan, Madrid, Orléans, Edinburgh
Region: Emilia Romagna

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