Climate Democracy Model

For cities and regions to assess and analyse their progress towards climate resilience through democratic means.

The Climate Democracy Model (the Model) is Demsoc’s holistic view of what we need to mitigate climate change and build climate resilience in our cities and regions in a democratic way – what we term climate democracy. It consists of practical, interconnected tools for a city or region to assess and analyse its progress towards climate resilience through democratic means.

The Model is our response to gaps we see in pan-European efforts to ensure climate action is taken in ways that reinforce democracy. Focusing only on expert-led, technical ‘solutions’ towards climate action that lack deep democratic support inevitably fail to build popular consent, and open the way for those who for whatever reason oppose necessary action.

The Model is a compass, not a map. It makes us think about and commit to steps we can take towards climate resilience, democratically. It provides language and tools for cities and regions to explore this question at a local level, to show, assess and celebrate progress, and reveal possibilities for changes in direction. It uses the analogy of tree canopies symbolising protection and durability for the climate resilience of where we live, work and play.

City's climate engagement journey

How it works

Read the full report to understand the Model and its tools. The report includes two scenario examples for Model use in a policy design cycle, and across a city's climate engagement journey (as pictured above and below).

Access the tools

Policy design cycle

Questions, feedback

The Model is continually developing, and is offered openly for critique and expansion. We want to hear feedback and how you are using it in the field. Share your thoughts by email to Nadja Nickel, Climate Programme Director,

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