• Innovative participation practice and service design – e.g co-design of children’s services, local government operating model for 21st Century communications, and taking a systems approach to tackling obesity.
  • Supporting cultural change around decision making – e.g networked Councillors,  Citizens Assemblies at NHS England and collaborative commissioning at Opportunity Nottingham.
  • Building data driven organisations – e.g Head of Strategy and Insight in local gov, Prison Service consultant.
  • Developing collaborative partnerships – e.g community safety and hate crime, research and engagement networks.

3 things I’m good at or enjoy

  • People – Listening, supporting and seeing people come together to collectively achieve civic good makes me smile every day.
  • Creative stuff – Be it small ideas or big adventures, just give me a scrap of paper and I can amuse myself for hours
  • Not being afraid of asking questions – whether stupid or big, I am curious, interested and keen to unlock barriers.

Something I’ve achieved/proud of

So many things that I could say, but I suppose ultimately it all comes down to being lucky enough to walk my life’s journey with my friends and family. Sometimes they can be very annoying and sometimes I know I am, but it all seems to be going in the right direction.  Shout out to Cassie Stevens.

3 things I’m not so good at

  • Well I am not that good at detail, whether it is because I don’t care enough, get bored or am simply just not that great at it, it means I am very grateful that others around me can compensate for this deficit.
  • Pronunciation and grammar – a working class child of the 70s, means at home and at school these things didn’t really come up – which has made for some funny anecdotes along the years.
  • Sewing – seriously don’t ever ask me to sew on a button or take up a hem.  

What I’m currently working on at Demsoc

How different forms of decision making can work within local democratic infrastructures and ways that shared endeavors can bring about positive outcomes;

  • Public Square (participative democracy)
  • Innovation in Democracy Programme (deliberative democracy)
  • Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (listening council)
  • Innovation in Camden